What Is A VPN And How It Can Be Used For Increased Network Security

VPN stands for virtual private network. A VPN is a virtual network that is as important as the internet connection itself. You should not create one yourself, instead rely on professional services that you can find for a fraction of the price you would pay for your own private network. With one, you can encrypt all the traffic that goes to the internet and this way you avoid local traffic sniffing especially if you use your computer in the office or in a local network that might have a traffic sniffer that can steal information that you send to the internet.

What Is A VPN And How It Can Be Used For Increased Network Security
What Is A VPN And How It Can Be Used For Increased Network Security


Online companies try their best to become the best VPN. They will show their best marketing and all the advantages but you should always search for reviews first, especially on websites and blogs that don’t use affiliate links, before deciding for a service.

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First you need to subscribe to the service. You will then be asked to download their client that will configure the network in your computer. This client will encrypt all the traffic using the AES encryption (that is used even by the US government and military) to prevent prying eyes from looking at what you are doing on the internet. All site sites you access can be monitored. This private network service will end it all ensuring no one but you and the website can see that you are using it. After the client is configured, just use the internet normally and you won’t even notice the difference.

What Is A VPN And How It Can Be Used For Increased Network Security
What Is A VPN And How It Can Be Used For Increased Network Security


The VPN is great for all people. Those who like to download massive files, will have more privacy since no one will know where the traffic is going to. Internet sniffers can only see the traffic going to the server and then encryption prevents them from knowing the rest. Prices start at 15$ per month so the cost is next to nothing, considering the advantages.


In the middle of the digital era, where laptops and smartphones are always a must, privacy and security are more attacked than ever. Taking action will save you from having a bad day sometimes.

Top 5 Things That You Can Do With Your property app

In this age of technology, almost all of us use property apps to find good property solutions. It just is indispensable in our lives, but did you know how you can harness everything in your property app, and how you can use it to make most out of it? Here are top five things that you can do with your property app. Your app can assume these roles and make it really simple to get you everything you want.

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Top 5 Things That You Can Do With Your property app
Top 5 Things That You Can Do With Your property app
  1. Automatic Flat Finder: Just put in your requirements, including the location, budget etc, and get set for delightful listings. Many property apps have this features whereby their algorithm detects the right buyer or tenant for every listed property. There is a lot of coding that goes on, and there are numerous factors that work on it at the same time. So whenever you have any specific requirements just put it up and let the app work for you.
  2. Smart Comparisons: This is one of the best features of property apps; say if you have multiple properties in the same price range. So all you do is just select them and compare side by side. It just makes it easier to decide on the right property. Smart comparisons make things easier and fun. It is easy to deduce relevant listings through this app.
  3. Find Properties in Neighborhood: Finding it difficult to enter in the area and other stuff. Go ahead and use the GPS, and let it trace the area and location to get the right properties in your neighborhood. It is very easy and fun to just enable this feature and let the apps use their capability to find properties nearby.

    Top 5 Things That You Can Do With Your property app
    Top 5 Things That You Can Do With Your property app
  4. Selling with ease: Search from amongst one of the biggest marketplaces of property buy and sell with your app. With numerous buyers for each property, you can choose which buyer you want to sell your property to – after doing a considerable research on it. Now, you won’t need to go through a bunch of hoops to sell your property. Your app does that all for you.
  5. Renting the property: An easy thing you could do it either post your requirements as stated in point 1 or go ahead or search amongst the existing listings, you can filter out brokers to save money on broker fee too! All that makes it just so easy and fun for people to rent out the property. It can work In both the roles. Whether you want to put it on rent, or whether you want one on the rent, it can help you do both the jobs at one go.
    These five things are exhaustive, there are in fact many more things that you can do with a property app, and the key lies in using doing it right. It is a great way and time to get into the property market and a good property app like MagicBricks is indispensable.

Linux Shell Script Program to Create Student Marksheet

Linux shell script program to find student grade entered by the user.

This is the exact question that was in the GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY MCA SEMESTER III

Q. Script should run using command line and without it.Write script which will take marks of 3 subjects and display Grade (use GTU Grade guide lines).

Here is the exact working program. Tested on the system

Linux Shell Script Program to Create Student Marksheet
Linux Shell Script Program to Create Student Marksheet


if [ $# -eq 0 ]

echo "Enter Java Marks :"
 read m1
 echo "Enter Oprating System Marks :"
 read m2
 echo "Enter Advance Java Marks :"
 read m3
 tot=`echo $m1 + $m2 + $m3|bc`
 per=`echo $tot/3|bc`

echo "\n\n"
 echo "========================================"
 echo " Student Marksheet "
 echo "========================================"
 #echo " Student Number : $no "
 echo " Student Marks : $m1 "
 echo " Student Marks : $m2 "
 echo " Student Marks : $m3 "
 echo "========================================"
 echo " Total : $tot "
 echo " Percentage $per "
 echo "========================================"

if [ $per -ge 80 ]
 echo "Grade AA"
 elif [ $per -ge 70 -a $per -lt 80 ]
 echo "Grade AB"
 elif [ $per -ge 60 -a $per -lt 70 ]
 echo "Grade BB"
 elif [ $per -ge 50 -a $per -lt 60 ]
 echo "Grade BC"
 elif [ $per -ge 40 -a $per -lt 50]
 echo "Grade CC"
 echo "Grade FF"


I assume you know how to run this program 😀

Here is the sh extension program to run directly on your linux terminal

Top CRM Applications That Help Businesses Today

Customer Relationship Management is identified as the preeminent business tactic, which focuses on the success and development of a business organization by holding the right customers.  The business organizations possess numerous customer data that cannot be handled manually. Thus, the trend in using CRM Applications increases these days.

For your perusal, this article put forward a list of top CRM Applications that assists the business organizations to handle their most sensitive elements called customers.

Top CRM Applications That Help Businesses Today
Top CRM Applications That Help Businesses Today

The Top CRM Applications are,

  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • SAP
  • Act!
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Hubspot
  • Maximizer
  • Infusionsoft


The Salesforce Cloud is a solid and authentic CRM cloud solution which stands first in the list. It is one of the greatest platforms and logically organized CRM solutions. The privacy of the customers is valued. This is the major benefit enjoyed by the customers while utilizing a shared main framework.

The Salesforce Cloud is a pioneer in customer relationship management in an on-demand basis. The solution provides a wide set of CRM Applications for enterprises, mid-market businesses and start-ups with a spotlight on sales and support. There are specific characteristic peculiarities in the Salesforce cloud application. Therefore proper training is required. There are plenty of Salesforce Training Institutes available worldwide. They provide a clear view in using Salesforce Cloud.

Many Salesforce Training Institutes offer a comprehensive training for Salesforce Cloud. The customized solution is provided to lend a hand in supporting all the phases of Salesforce Training.  The training is meant for individuals as well as the business partners. The institutes are stacked up with team members who are well trained, certified and have expertise in Salesforce Training from top IT industries around the world.


Top CRM Applications That Help Businesses Today
Top CRM Applications That Help Businesses Today

Zoho is used by small and medium scale business enterprises. Zoho CRM delivers a complete view of the pipelines and the sales cycle. It helps in identifying the latest trends, spotting right opportunities, increasing competence and minimizing the costs. It helps in attracting, retaining and amusing more number of customers. It aids most of its clienteles to develop in to customer-centric organizations.

It renders crisp and clear reporting technology and provides end to end support. In short, it can be praised as a comprehensive business management package.


SAP CRM is used by Customer Service, Sales and Marketing teams of the organizations of all sizes. It tends to build a strong and lasting relationship with the customers by making the most on customer insight, getting better the front-line effectiveness and efficiency, reforming important business practices along with the expectations of the customers and aiming to satisfy beyond the expectations.

The application is build in such a way that it makes its clientele to rapidly become accustomed to the changing trends and customer requirements.


Act! is offered by Swiftpage, mainly for the use of managing contacts for small scale businesses. It is the unparalleled contact and customer management application having longevity of about 25 years. It is reasonably priced and feasible to use.

It is a trusted solution to assist individuals, sales teams, contact managers and small ventures for maintaining prospects and customer information in a single place. It is also used for promoting products and services more professionally and provides good sales outcome.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is used in almost all the industries and organizations of all sizes. It is a flexible business administration solution integrated to make possible the toughest tasks. It empowers the business partners to take right decisions with better confidence. It helps in automating and streamlining the economic, procurement and customer relationship processes. It helps in driving success in the business.


The HubSpot CRM is perfect for medium and small sized businesses, which do not require high featured multifarious CRM solutions. It is an easy to use application. It is a free solution, which helps in organizing all the customer details in a custom made centralized database. Once proper strategy is positioned within the application, it becomes a magic tool for the users.


It is a full-featured CRM system, which fits small and medium scale industries. It is accessible through various platforms. The configuration is simple and it meets the CRM requirements and financial plan of the businesses of all size.


Infusionsoft provides an exclusively built sales and marketing online solutions for small businesses. There are many tools inbuilt with Infusionsoft. It is featured with marketing automation and lead generation tools, social media and email tools, which aids in engaging and converting the leads.

E-commerce tools assist the online sales and order fulfillment automatically and help in holding the best clienteles. The range of Customer Relationship Management operations helps the users in pulling the lead towards the business, making the sales more efficient and securing the deals.

Additionally, Infusionsoft offers customized training services, which help the users, feel affiliated to the software.


Links are very important in Search engine optimization and they are the backbone of SEO, so one must be very clear about backlinks. We know that Google uses very complex algorithm to rank us in the search results, and one such method is the links. There are two types of links DOFOLLOW AND NOFOLLOW links. In this article we will briefly explain about these two. First we will start off with Nofollow link.



Nofollow link

As the name suggests these are the links which are not followed by the search engines for ranking. In simple words these links are not visible to search engines and they are not considered for calculating the page rank of your website.

Examples of Nofollow links are links that are left it comment box or sharing links with your friends in twitter or Google plus and many more.

Dofollow link

It’s like the opposite of Nofollow link. These links are followed by search engines for ranking their search results and they are used in determining the page rank of your website.

Nofollow links have a syntax we could say  

<a href=”www.Technozard.com” rel=”nofollow”>Technozard</a>                                                                                        According to Wikipedia rel=”nofollow” is an important key, with which the search engines understands not to follow these links.

Unlike nofollow links, there is no perfect syntax for DOfollow links

<a href=”www.Technozard.com” rel=”dofollow”>Technozard</a>  is a syntax but any other link other than Nofollow link is a Dofollow link.
Here we have shown how major search engines see DOFOLLOW AND NOFOLLOW link.

The source is Wikipedia.




From the above image one can be clear that both the links are important but Dofollow links have an upper hand. It is suggested that Nofollow link from high PR websites could bring some positive change in search ranking.

Are backlinks from social network platform Nofollow or a Dofollow link?


It’s not helpful here because all the links from it are Nofollow so don’t try very hard on facebook but its contribution toward your website traffic is also very important.


It is also same as facebook.


They are also nofollow link by default but when you insert a link in your post they create a snippet view that is luckily a Dofollow link. So it is a very good platform to get some useful links and horizon zero dawn pc

Hope the content was useful.